Why choose a Dedicated Server?

If you aim to build a successful online business, you should choose neither a shared hosting account (because you will soon outgrow the available resources) nor a Virtual Private Server (because it would just be a stopgap solution). What you really need is a dedicated server – the only hosting environment that can guarantee you absolute hardware and software freedom, full root access, rock-solid, bullet-proof network connectivity and unmetered CPU resources at the same time. A dedicated server will allow you to install any OS that you want and to add more RAM or more disk drives to the server without having to upgrade like you would have with any other hosting solution. Hardware-wise, a dedicated server is the only platform that allows you to set up a RAID array, provided that you have more than one disk drive.

Price Plans

Our “White Labelled” Hosting Services are made possible through our partnership with Liquidnet Limited and Resellerspanel, and are managed through our web hosting site shoshomobile.com. Currency conversions are done automatically through our secure payment gateway at the point of purchase.